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Welcome To Lyn-edge Pharmaceuticals Limited

Lyn- Edge Pharmaceuticals Limited is a Nigerian based pharmaceutical company whose objective is to provide high quality products to the doorstep of the Nigerian medical community. We achieve this by collaborating with global manufacturers of high-quality medical solutions.

For her over 15 years of service provision as it concerns very high quality pharmaceuticals products, Lyn-Edge Pharmaceuticals is well recognised professional company that has shown leadership and beneficial partnerships with health care professionals across the country

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In Lyn-Edge Pharmaceuticals, we market and detail our products and services to healthcare professionals.

Our offer

At Lyn-edge Pharmaceuticals Ltd We offer:

Quality drug solutions through our unique products are what we put in a genuine and mindless effort to provide to our customers. Our products are safe, beneficial, efficacious, and optimal

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The core values of our organization

Our Products

At Lyn-Edge we value the quality and innovation of our products above all else. We strive to develop products that customers love and that meet their needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


We put people at the heart of everything we do. As a people-centric company, we care deeply about the health of every single individual. Providing quality drug assurance for a variety of health challenges motivates us to meet our customers’ needs. 

Our Integrity

As a trustworthy, ethical, and reliable company, we respect the laws and regulations set by our government. With confidence in our product delivery, we embrace the reality of other product brands in the large market, while keeping a great focus on our own brand.


As a profit-driven company, Lyn-Edge Pharmaceuticals is also committed to creating a clear-cut edge between our products’ function and delivery.

Changing Lives with quality pharmaceutical products Empowering health cares professionals with quality pharmaceutical products

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